beautiful-16736_640The New Circe is an attempt to reintroduce myself to my own sociopolitical beliefs, values, knowledge and questions. In order to do this I am dispensing with my ordinary terse empirical style of writing and opening myself up to my own subjectivity and the literary style that actually comes easiest to me.

Since I already have a poetic place, my weblog mission statement is: everything except poetry. My main topics here are feminism, the economic horrors and nonsense philosophies modern feminists try to defend, the increasingly fascistic methods they use to defend them at the interpersonal feminist-to-feminist level, what it means to be a woman literally and figuratively, atheism and its terrible relations with social justice, and all the ways I allowed myself to sink into the fetid waters of groupthink.

I’m writing here, instead of in a notebook, in hopes that some miserable millennial feminist out there who is trying to articulate, maybe for the first time, what it means to be a woman, and is immediately ejected out of a facebook group on the grounds of “hate speech” can find a little solace in that she is not alone.